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One Bowl

Simple Healthy Recipes for One

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While the traditional American Thanksgiving revolves around a giant bird, there’s no reason not to just eat whatever makes you happy (within reason, of course). Indian food is a popular option among non-traditionalists, but you can even sit down to the perfect grilled cheese with steamed vegetables. Braise a few root vegetables, and eat an egg. Make a pot of soup, a pumpkin custard, or bake an apple. I think we even had Chinese food one year when I was growing up.

If you want a traditional meal, but aren’t hosting or visiting elsewhere, I’d suggest a roasted cornish hen with baked sweet potato (or turnips? cauliflower?), roasted brussels sprouts or green beans, and either a baked apple or individual pumpkin custard. Gravy is optional, and a good piece of bread or some stuffing can fill in any empty corners.

Whatever your plate holds, pause and eat consciously– whether in joy because you grew enough food to (hopefully) survive the winter, in hope that the following year will be better, with great love for family and friends, or for any other reason. Maybe you are thankful your dog finally stopped eating your shoes, or your closest friend found a needed job, your country is not at war, or your grandchildren actually called. Breath, think, and enjoy!

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