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One Bowl

Simple Healthy Recipes for One

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The Society of Single Professionals is sponsoring a week just for us 90 million single and unmarried Americans. What are you planning to do?

Sadly, they are basically a dating service. Still, it’s a nice idea to focus on a group often sidelined or underappreciated in public life.


It seems like an obvious questions, at first glance. Unmarried people, right? But more people eat alone than you might think.  Many people also eat alone part of the time. First, the obvious:

  • unmarried (single) people from college age to elderly
  • widows and widowers

Who else?

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Do you know anyone who is single?  Anyone who eats alone regularly? 


Do you know anyone who eats cereal, or toast, or a frozen burrito instead a full meal because it’s a pain to cook for one?


That’s why.  Because cooking for yourself is worth it, but only if your meal is healthy and satisfying.

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