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One Bowl

Simple Healthy Recipes for One


Clarion Foreward Review: Four Stars of Five.
“…Bostic’s emphasis is on healthy cooking, with vegetarian dishes dominating the recipe collection—but she avoids the preachy, tedious exhortations that characterize so many health-conscious books. Instead, she lets her enthusiasm for natural ingredients, ethnic-inspired recipes, and unusual flavors do the sales pitch to persuade singles to cook for themselves rather than rely on takeout and packaged foods. She is also an effective vegetable evangelist, injecting several items from the produce aisle into each recipe and sidebar note…”
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Freidman Sprout
“…Bostic combined her background in nutrition with her love for sharing cooking advice to create a cookbook that offers more than just creative recipes – One Bowl also provides basic nutritional information and techniques on how to read a recipe, pair spices, plan meals, stock your pantry, and cook foods in a variety of ways. Throughout the cookbook, she gives advice on substituting foods, tips on cutting preparation and cooking time, and information on the nutritional benefits of different recipes. Her philosophy of “simple is good” resulted in a concise, inspiring, and easy-to-read cookbook that warrants a spot on everyone’s cookbook shelf.

If you are looking for a great, affordable holiday present for friends, family, or co-workers, One Bowl is a perfect option…”
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Single At Heart
“…When I first started cooking, I never served anything to guests without pretesting it first. Now I have more confidence and I like to experiment. I’ve collected dozens of cookbooks; I often flip through them for ideas, rather than for recipes to follow unwaveringly. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, it is rare for me to discover a cookbook that offers new and tantalizing dishes that are not just plain weird. My latest such find is Stephanie Bostic’s One Bowl: Simple and Healthful Recipes for One.

The best cookbooks have philosophies behind them, and for One Bowl, it is the notion that it is possible to make quick, healthful, and delicious meals for one without having a lot of muck to clean up afterwards. The recipes emphasize vegetables, whole grains, beans, and such; meats make just a token appearance…”
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Reader Comments

“…determined to eat better, save some money, and impress my boyfriend, I have embarked on a quest to at least slightly improve my culinary prowess. I’ve purchased a few cookbooks and gotten some as gifts. Many of them seem to assume that I can keep track of 20 ingredients, have 4 pots boiling up on the stove, and spend tons of money on a $10 per ounce spice available only at the Ukrainian grocery in Astoria. “One Bowl” avoids all of these and also addresses many of my other concerns. The recipes usually have a finite number of easy-to-acquire and reasonably priced ingredients that, when blended together, taste really good. It gives some very basic advice on cooking techniques, nutrition and shopping, all of which came in very handy. Usually, as befits its name, the dirtied dishes are kept to a minimum, and I like how the book suggests making more than one recipe at the same time and saving something for the next day. Recipes I really like include the Tomato, Broccoli and Avocado Salad; the Microwave Burrito, the Tuna Pilaf and everything with salmon in it…”
-Reader Runnerbee, via

“…I love the big clear text and the mix of interesting recipes with excellent tips for stocking the pantry, shopping and nutrition. I was planning to spend just a couple of minutes with this and then share it with my grown son, but he’s going to have to wait a week or so while I try some of the recipes and copy out some of the others. They’re creative, easy but not overly simple, affordable, and healthy…”
-Reader Cheryl CC, via

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