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One Bowl

Simple Healthy Recipes for One

Seriously, flare open your nostrils, clear your mind, and take a deep breath. You’ll be able to tell if the broccoli is fully steamed, or if it’s time to turn your grilled cheese. In the modern kitchen, the power of the nose of often underappreciated. A free tool, your nose can tell you when your garlic is lightly toasted, your onions are sufficiently carmelized, your green beans cooked, and whether the cookies are baked.

Some practice is necessary, so sniff away as you cook. Toasted grains, hot fat, aromatic vegetables, and browned meat are all broad obvious scents to practice capturing. Heated milk, eggs, and cooked beans are harder to notice but the nose is often a good judge of seasoning as well. Use it freely, and follow up with a taste when you’re not sure. I recommend always trusting your nose over any written time or instructions. You’ll catch the cookies before they burn if you take a good, solid sniff.

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